Yes, we can provide posters to you free of charge, similar to the one below:

We can make our show fit into any time scale, most of our clients ask for 1 x90 min set or 2 x50 min sets, charges are the same.

We absolutely guarantee no other traveling tribute act have the amount of equipment we have, your guests will be blown away with our set up.

Absolutely, me and my crew work the audience to make them feel part of the show, we will dress volunteers to be my Las Vegas dancers for the song Viva Las Vegas, the guests love it, I will also walk between the audience having them sing with me whilst I hand out scarves.

For a small fee of £30 we can play a variety of fill in music before and after the show saving you the cost of a DJ.

 That depends on the size of the event, I always have a min of 2 crew who are my sound and lighting engineers.

We travel all over the world with our Elvis in concert show by Andy James.

We ask for a £100 deposit then we will send out a booking form for details on your event, we will also need a chat on the telephone a week before the event date, Andy’s tel no is 07860223160, this is to make sure we give you what you want and to go over the finer details.

We need a min of 2 hours set up time, we also need to be set up and out the way before guests star to arrive.

Well we don’t just turn up with a microphone and a speaker like most tribute acts, we have a very impressive 13 ft back drop, head stage lighting, floor lighting, spot lighting, robot lighting, moving head lighting, strobe lighting, haze machine( not all venues allow this) pin dot lighting, dance floor lazor lighting, ceiling lazor lighting, over back drop lighting, the best sound speakers in the industry ,full mixer and computer systems.

Yes,I’ve been a Elvis fan since I was 10 years old,I’ve been perfecting my act for many years,I also invested thousands of pounds in my backing music which is produced just for me by a 52 piece band, my costumes are made for me by a company in Las Vegas.

Like Elvis we know how to build atmosphere in a room before I go on.

We have a special recording saying LADIES AND Gentlemen, ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING

This gets all the guests excited, then we start the intro music, 2001 space odyssey, the room will erupt, then I appear and off we go.

You will not be disappointed .

If you want to push the boat out we can supply a stage ( cost depends on distance)

We also have a very good compare  in the name of Stuart Russell who will work his magic with the audience ( costs again depends on distance.)